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- Denelle + Tom Ellis -

Tom (b.1989) came to London in 2013 to work at Curtain Road Studios along side the cities established and emerging photography community.

Denelle (b.1989) came to London in 2013 after graduating from OCADU’s fine art photography program to continue working on her self-portraiture practice.

The two met on a train home from work one night and were married after six months.

Together they converted their live/work warehouse into Peanut Factory Studio, a daylight photography studio, and have shown their collaborative work in galleries and publications worldwide. They work exclusively in analogue processes; mainly medium format, Polaroid, and 8mm VHS videotape.

Denelle + Tom’s personal work, by “amarriedcouple”, is their satirical view on a traditional marriage. Inspired by their own experiences, the duo creates snapshots of themselves in this fantasy world within their studio and on location. Together the couple explore the stereo-typical ideologies of gender performance, highlighting the tensions between the sexes both past and present as well as the spectacle and pressures of a marriage.